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About Soldera

Soldera Real EstateSoldera Properties is a boutique real estate agency with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. Our firm is composed of professionals who are among the best in the industry. At Soldera Properties, the barrier to entry is extraordinarily high which means you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service every step of the way. We have built a culture of excellence here that is unmatched in the metro area.

Despite several major shifts in the marketplace, the overwhelming majority of real estate companies have essentially stayed the same. Many offices look the same, their service is the same, their training model is pretty much the same and change is often avoided rather than embraced.

Discover the Soldera Difference

The market has changed. Technology has changed. Your expectations have changed. Shouldn’t your real estate company be willing to change in a productive and efficient way?

At Soldera Properties, we prefer being uncomfortable during our pursuit of excellence to relaxing during complacency. We are cutting edge. We know when to push forward in order to create change and when to improve and adapt to it. Our office amenities, location, systems, infrastructure and menu of services will almost certainly exceed your expectations. We provide our clients with a positive and personal experience using today’s technology to bring the buying and/or selling process to a successful finish.

Discover the Soldera Difference. Call us today and let us help you make the best move.